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Hymenochirus spec. Xenopus laevis Albino Pipa parva

This website is still under construction and devoted to all Pipids: African dwarf clawed frogs, African clawed frogs and South American Pipa spp.. I hope to have the ADCF breeding information completed during the end of 2004. At present you can use the African dwarf clawed Frogs part, FAQs, the pipid link list and the Pipidae board for information and contact with other pipid keepers. You can try to translate the German version with translation services provided by www.altavista.com. But I must warn you that the results will be very strange!
The other parts of pipidae.net will finished step by step. If you wish to be kept informed about completed parts and other news from this website please subscribe to the pipidae.net newsletter. I am looking for co-authors for this website. If you are interested send me (webmaster@pipidae.org) an email.
If you are looking for David Cecere's Dwarf Frog Central please use this new URL: davidcecere.pipidae.org
If you are looking for the Pipidae Page of Kriton Kunz please use this new URL: kritonkunz.pipidae.org
I hope you enjoy this website! Martin (webmaster@pipidae.org) and all those (Info) involved.


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