African Dwarf Clawed Frogs


African Dwarf Clawed Frogs, like most frogs, are carnivore (meat eaters). In pet shops they are very thin quite because they are fed only flaked fish food, or else the fish sharing their tank eat all the food before the frogs have realised that food is present. Some aquarists recommend feeding small amounts to the fish several times each day but this is not possible for everyone. I feed the fish with flake or pellets in the morning and in the evening I feed frozen food to all the inhabitants.

If you want to be very meticulous you can thaw out the frozen food and sieve it before you put it into the tank. This will lessen the possibility of the water getting polluted.

African Dwarf Clawed Frogs prefer:

  • Living or frozen bloodworms (red mosquito larvae), not too big portions and not as the only food, this can cause balloon frogs - more information under 'FAQs'
  • Water fleas (Daphnia, Cyclops, Bosmidea), live or frozen
  • Shrimps (Artemia), live or frozen
  • Tubifex, live or frozen, could be dangerous like bloodworms

They will also eat:

  • White mosquito larvae, live or frozen
  • Pellets - but they must not be a type that make the water cloudy and so create bad water conditions
  • Blackworms (black mosquito larvae), live or frozen
  • Small fish, e.g. baby guppies or neons
  • Chopped earthworms

They sometimes eat:

  • Fish flakes (only junvenile frogs)
  • Small water snails with brittle shells

They do not usually eat:

  • Flakes and freeze-dried food
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