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How to pack Pipidae frogs for transport?
It's not neccessary to transport them in water. In opposite: This could be too much stress for the frogs. You nedd to transport them with wet skin. So you have to make a high humidity. Here are several methods:
  • Put them in small plastic boxes with very wet pieces of foam material.
  • Put them into wet cottom socks. Put the socks into a video cassette cover.
  • Put them into to fish bags with very less of water and some water plants, e.g. Najas, Elodea or Limnophilla.
Put these containers into a cardboard with grabbed newsprint.
How long can a transport take?
The transport can take several days. But you should try to transport them not due the weekend.
What's the minimum temperature for a transport?
The air temperature outside should have at least 15C in the morning.
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