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In 2000 I've started a German language website about African Dwarf Clawed Frogs ( - R.I.P.) to get contact to specialists and freaks in Hymenochirus. One year later goes online as a German language website about all Tongueless Frogs. In 2001 has been started, too. Now these are my intentions to operate this website:

  1. Information for beginners in Tongueless Frogs - keeping and breeding
  2. Creating of a plattform for people interetes in famliy Pipidae
  3. Datebase with scientific information about Tongueless Frogs
  4. Creating of plattform for easy and helpfull contact between keepers of Tongueless frogs
  5. Stimualtion of discussion between aquaritic and terraristic hobbyists, hobby and professional herpetologists
  6. Switching of private bred animals
  7. worldwide and central point for information collecting about Pipidae Frogs - new multilanguage startpage started in 2004:
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