Here you can found information about my plannings for

More me a website is a dynamic thing. I think a website have to grow have to actualized frequently. Then I have finished the species and systemtics part and I have added the ADCF breeding information I will add the first keeping logs to and more descriptions of your frogs under Species in the Pet trade. Then I will look for co-authors for the ACF and Pipa parts.
But there are some more technical things I want to realize, too:

  • Brinning the Pipidae forum and the Pipidae board together in one multilanguage forum then the new release phpBB3.0 of the forum script is available.
  • Programming of a literature database which makes I able for every registered user to add entries, to search for entries over the whole database and to make exports for offline use.
  • Finishing of in 2005 or at least in 2006.
  • Programming of a new member adminsitration as a add-on for the phpBB forum script to replace the recent keepers list with better search features and wokring withput emailadresses. Using the authentifiaction of the phpBB to make make some of information accessable only for registered users.
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