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Xenopus and Silurana links, English

  • The website of Geoff Smith: Geoff is keeping Xenopus borealis. Here you find information about keeping and breeding and photos of his frogs.
  • Care and Handling of Xenopus laevis (2004A) of the Institutional animal care and use committee of the University of Arizona: This site observes a lot information of ACFs. You can find information about keeping, breeding and diseases. It's a great ressource!
  • The Pipid Frog Website of Rachel Shaw - goneXenopus: This website contains a lot of detailed information about Xenopus, Silurana and Hymenochirus. Rachel is currently running a African Clawed Frog Rescue and Adoption center. The only rescue center of its kind to specalize in rehoming Xenopus species. Very successful adoption program. 100% adoption rate. See the website for more details.
  • The ACF website of Connie Asaro - frogcharmer: A really good website about Xenopus laevis with a lot of information.
  • The Silurana-Page of Patrick Morgan: This website contains a lot of very interesting information about Silurana and a lot of actual photos.
  • The Xenopus-Page of This site observes ACFs mostly as laboratory animals. But it includes a lot of information about breeding.
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